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Ioanna T.K. Niejelow is a Director at Laurel Strategies, a global CEO strategic business and communications advisory firm that partners with visionary executives, corporations and institutions.
Prior to Laurel Strategies, Ms. Niejelow served as a senior executive in the Obama Administration from 2009-2016. Ms. Niejelow served as a senior advisor to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shaun Donovan at the White House where she focused¬†on a number of areas including organizational management, strategic priority planning and implementation, operations, personnel and executive communications strategy. In addition, Ms. Niejelow served as the Director’s principal liaison charged with managing external stakeholder engagement and partnerships activities. She successfully developed and implemented strategic messaging and engagement campaigns creating partnership opportunities with a broad cross section of industry leaders including those from financial services, media, philanthropy, academia, think tanks as well as various public policy and interest groups.
Prior to joining the White House, Ms. Niejelow served as the special assistant to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development where she was responsible for managing operations and work flow as well as staffing within the Office of the Secretary.
Ms. Niejelow has held several leadership positions in both state-wide US Senate campaigns and presidential campaigns where she managed field operations, stakeholder outreach, principal and surrogate events coordination, and fundraising.
Ms. Niejelow graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in International Relations. She currently resides in New York City.