What We Do


We deliver critical insights, informed advice, and trusted judgement to advance key business objectives, build market share, and help C-suite leaders make strategic decisions on issues at home or around the world. Laurel’s offerings include:

♦  Support for decision-making about where to operate, what to do, who to engage, and how to win

♦  Strategic alliance formation and deployment

♦  Tracking and sourcing relevant intelligence

♦  Strong political and policy know-how to help clients navigate Washington, state houses across the U.S., and other world capitals

♦  Polling to guide strategy in order to help clients understand their baseline, define their audiences with precision, and measure success

Communications & External Affairs

Laurel Strategies recognizes that driving powerful messages in competitive global sectors requires total alignment and consistency of all decisions related to externally-facing engagements of a company, entity, or individual. Our offerings include:

♦  Planning, delivering and working with new and existing teams on executing communications strategies

♦  Message development, testing, and brand reconditioning

♦  Media relations, media training, and external and internal corporate communications

♦  Quality control function for diverse communications resources and platforms


We provide clients with comprehensive reputation management solutions that draw on the unique visions and perspectives of each client to elegantly identify opportunities and build enduring relationships. Our offerings include:

♦  Reputation management and enhancement

♦  Profile elevation through thought-leadership promotion

♦  Narrative creation and storytelling

♦  Brand building, reconditioning and maintenance

Risk Mitigation & Crisis Management

We develop and implement integrated and timely solutions so that clients can manage risk and respond to crisis communication challenges. Our offerings include:

♦  Rapid response strategy, message development and media engagement

♦  Research and intelligence-gathering to help set approach

♦  Strategic partnership creation with thought leaders from private, public, and social sectors

♦  Senior executive and board crisis counseling

♦  Government relations strategy and execution

Merchant Banking Services

Building on Laurel Strategies’ network, we help investors and companies maximize opportunity and mitigate risk through our understanding of key actors, deep geopolitical knowledge, long-time trusted relationships, market/sector insights, access to capital and a track record of closing deals. We offer:

♦  Strategic guidance and insight

♦  Comprehensive deal support including drawing on leaders from public, private, and civil society sectors

♦  Partner sourcing

♦  Proprietary deal flow (emerging markets and other unique opportunities)

♦  Access to capital

Strategic Philanthropy & Community Investment

What clients give back, and how they do it, matters. Laurel Strategies helps clients conceive and execute strategies for philanthropy and local investment in a manner that is aligned with broader corporate and personal positioning goals and is directly responsive to the audience clients are seeking to reach. The end result: win-win. Our offerings include:

♦  Plan design and implementation for corporations, foundations and high net worth individuals

♦  Stakeholder & partnership mapping and prioritization

♦  Measurement and evaluation to maximize impact