Ralph Simon

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Ralph Simon is a Senior Advisor at Laurel Strategies and one of the founders of the global mobile & social media industry, a visionary & innovator popularly known as “the father of the ring tone”. An expert on smartphone lifestyles, multi-screen creativity & a specialist in providing mobile health delivery systems, he founded the world’s first international global commercial ring tone service in the Europe, Africa, North America, the UK & Australasia. One of the world’s top 50 mobile executives since 2005, Ralph relentlessly searches the world for the smartest new mobile & wireless apps, mobile health platforms, Virtual Reality, mobile business creativity & ‘positive disruption’ strategies. His expertise & companies are experts in mobile social media, mobile health & wellness, mobile games & VR, global mobile business strategies, ‘positive disruption’ strategies for large companies & effective mobile execution. He knows that the future belongs to “Screenagers” everywhere, & expertly advises large companies on best commercial application of mobile multi-screen & smartphone implementation & strategic use. Mobilium recently launched Africa’s first-ever mobile health delivery network, working closely with the African Leadership Network in Africa to grow mobile health & connected health tech across Africa. Mobilium is also involved in: Mobile Games – making the first-ever John Lennon mobile Virtual Reality experience, Sports: developing the 1st-ever British Professional Basketball League in the UK; Positive Disruption for Companies: Building specialised “Positive Disruption” strategies for large companies, through their Helsinki, Finland company. He’s responsible for curating & programming some of the world’s most important start-up & future tech gatherings worldwide, including : the Pioneers (Future Tech Festival), Vienna; The African Leadership Network in Africa ; The Mobile World Congress keynote stage, CTIA’s Mobile Convention, Las Vegas in the USA, The “All That Matters” annual digital & mobile convention in Singapore. He is a Global Judge & board member of the United Nations’ World Summit Awards, the world’s leading mobile apps competition. Known internationally as a prominent & provocative public speaker & moderator, & developer of start-ups & innovation initiatives, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, a member of the National Academy of Recorded Arts & Sciences in the USA & CEO/Founder of Mobilium Global, the international mobile cool hunters. Ralph is based in London, or on a plane to where ground-breaking mobile innovation calls for discovery, development & investment.