What we do

We help great leaders achieve extraordinary goals

As global leaders expand into new markets, face unexpected challenges, and elevate their profile in a constantly-changing media landscape, we are their trusted strategic partner at every step along the way.

In the Age of the CEO Statesman, the opportunities and risks of leadership have never been greater. We develop long-term strategies that seize the former and mitigate the latter. Then we roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with our clients, helping them execute at every step along the way.

Transformational, not transactional.

We build deep, trusting partnerships with global leaders that allow us to transcend the traditional client/consultant relationship. While we manage for the day-to-day, we never lose sight of long-term goals.

We operate everywhere leaders do: on the national stage and in major markets around the world, as well as at the grassroots, in the communities where our clients do business.

Laurel Strategies uniquely offers a global network of influencers that extends from government leaders, to titans of industry, to the leaders of civil society – and among the most influential journalists and NGOs who shape public opinion.

We help great leaders grow great organizations

With deep expertise and on-the-ground talent in virtually every major market throughout the world, Laurel Strategies offers comprehensive expertise advising the C-Suite in domestic and international growth, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and investor relations, and raising capital.

We provide deep, actionable insights and intelligence – the “know-how” and “know-who” — that gives our clients a true 3-dimensional lens through which to view the world and make key decisions. And with our global network of leaders in business, government and civil service, we have an unrivaled ability to bring uncommon allies together to accomplish extraordinary goals.

□ Expansion, growth strategy and new business opportunities

□ Domestic and international government affairs

□ Stakeholder mapping

□ Political intelligence

□ IPO planning and execution

□ Investor relations

Corporate Communications — Elevated

In the age of social media and a 24/7 news cycle, investors, employees, customers and the public are intensely aware of and interested in the actions of CEOs and their c-suite. It’s no longer advisable – or even possible – to keep a low profile.

Laurel Strategies is the un-PR firm. While we operate with extraordinary speed to meet the demands of the news cycle, develop and execute long-term communications strategies that establish our clients as prominent thought leaders.

We are experts at defining a compelling corporate message for the media – and we are just as adept at determining when to say nothing. Modern media relations is all about carefully seizing opportunity and mitigating risk – all while merging value with values.

□ Media relations

□ Thought leadership positioning

□ Executive speechwriting

□ Conference planning

Even Professionals Need Coaches

Global leadership requires an enormously diverse set of skills. We serve as confidential consigliere to our clients, helping them identify areas in need of development and filling gaps.

We offer training that provides CEOs and emerging leaders with the core skills they need to succeed. We discreetly fill knowledge gaps and bring a fresh, experienced, outside perspective to help our clients make the toughest and most consequential decisions.

All of our clients gain access to our dynamic network of global leaders and subject matter experts, which means that if you need access to a specific person or piece of intelligence anywhere in the world at any time, we can deliver.

□ Executive coaching

□ Partnership in strategic decision-making

□ Media training

□ Succession plan

□ Internal communications

□ Organizational structure and operations

Managing Risk is Essential

No leader is immune to risk, especially in an age of activist investors and 24/7 media scrutiny.

Crisis management begins far before an incident occurs. Leaders are most vulnerable when they are undefined to the media and the public, while those who have developed a reputation for responsible stewardship and thought leadership are given the benefit of the doubt. As a result, we inoculate against crisis by anticipating possible risk and building a record of leadership that can be turned to when an incident occurs.

When crises do occur, we spring into action with carefully-developed “break glass in case of emergency” protocols to ensure strategic decision-making amidst chaos. We are leading experts on crisis management and mitigation, monitoring developments and serving as air traffic controllers throughout the process.

Cybersecurity Protection and Response

Leveraging our widespread expertise in policy, strategy, and communications, Laurel Strategies works with companies to establish comprehensive cyber protocols focused on effective preparation, decision, making, communication, and instant, in-the-moment incident response strategy.

We begin with a top-to-bottom analysis of the company’s current cyber processes, with a particular focus on the flow of information and the decision-making hierarchy if and when an incident occurs.

Working closely with the company’s leadership, we develop detailed action plans to ensure coordination, speed, accuracy, discretion, and strategic thinking when cyber incidents are identified, ensuring swift and proactive steps to protect customers, partners, employees and brand reputation; preserve shareholder value; and demonstrate knowledgeable and effective executive leadership.

But our work doesn’t end with the delivery of protocols. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, serving as advisors, strategic partners, and “arms and legs” to help our clients respond effectively to cyber incidents.

When a cyber incident occurs, we activate a 24/7 crisis communications war room and act as “air traffic control” to advise on and coordinate on all internal decision making and external communications.

Value and Values

What leaders give back, and how they do it, matters. Laurel Strategies helps clients conceive and execute strategies for philanthropy and local investment in a manner that is aligned with broader corporate and personal positioning goals and is directly responsive to the audience clients are seeking to reach. The end result: win-win.